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Everything about spa

You do not know the spa? Yet there is no more trend! Luxury beauty centers, they bloom around the world and offer well-being on a plateau. The spa is a hot water pool equipped with massage nozzles, which pressurized water mixed with air. The variety of nozzles used and their massage power make it a device for relaxation, anti-stress par excellence. The joint action of hot water and hydro massage provides a great sense of well-being. To the point of arousing a very strong craze of users for a few years.

Reduce your stress

Jacuzzi sessions, otherwise known as hot tubs or spas, are known to help reduce stress, relax muscles and make sleep easier. Used for therapeutic purposes, the massage jets will also activate the blood circulation and, depending on the power of the nozzles, play a positive role in reducing tension. A whirlpool bath for public use, the spa can be installed outdoors as well as inside the house. Its multiple massage jets, the depth and the comfort of its tank make it a real convivial relaxation center. Designed to regenerate body and mind, it is always available, with water maintained at a constant temperature, regardless of the season and climate.

Indoor or outdoor spa?

Both are possible; if the spa is indoors, a VMC or better, a dehumidifier will be required to evacuate the steam produced when it is used. Outside, you can enjoy in all seasons. In the heart of winter, whether it is cold or snowing, diving into the hot water provides great well-being. The contrast between the heat of the water and the cold of the outside air is particularly invigorating and energizing. For all your needs for spas please contact us, we rely on brands recognized for their reliability, and we manage in-house maintenance - also outside warranty periods!

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