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A corner spa for small spaces

A spa at home? Why not ? To buy a spa, it is recommended to consult professionals. To help you, tropicspa notice is always available. So which model to choose? If you do not have enough space to accommodate a traditional spa, you can always opt for a reduced size model: a balneo bathtub or a corner spa.

The corner spa is a model unknown to the general public but very practical if you do not have adequate space.

A spa that adapts to small spaces

In general, the corner spa is placed at the corner of the room chosen to receive it. It is usually made up of a square side that sits at the corner of your wall and a rounded side that juts out towards the room. And for installation, a corner spa is most often a portable spa because there is no point in digging a recess at the corner of a room.

In terms of size, it is one of the smallest spas on the market and generally cannot accommodate more than 2 people.

Integration of a corner spa

the corner spa is easily integrated into the room in question. It blends in very discreetly with the decor of this room. However, to make the room look more modern, you have to choose the right cladding for your spa. The color of it should merge with the color of your walls.

The price of a corner spa

As the latter is much smaller than other spas, its price is also lower. For a corner used hot tubs for sale at a discount price, you can get one for € 1,600. However, excluding promotions, a corner spa costs on average between € 5,000 and € 12,000. This price depends on the options of the finish as well as the options thereof.

Finally, if you dream of treating yourself to a spa but you lack space, the corner spa is for you.

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