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Mauritius specializes in 5-seater jacuzzi

If you are on the Mauritius side, you now have the opportunity to treat yourself to a 5-seater jacuzzi that meets all the required criteria. In fact, this product is a patented Balboa technology with high-end amenities that allow you to have more than comfortable baths. In addition, you will have the privilege to benefit from treatments on your whole body and have the chance to relax wonderfully. With a price well within your reach, you can own it and install it in any corner of your premises.

The characteristics of the 5-seater jacuzzi

This spa is a professional model that will undoubtedly meet all your requirements. It can contain 5 people in a bath while providing its users with an exceptional quality of relaxation. Among its 5 places, 3 have a sitting arrangement, while the other 2 places are elongated. Its water tank is very large as it can hold 970 liters. During the baths, the product gives off 59 jets of water and 35 air jets. This makes a total of 94 therapy jets which give you the possibility to get rid of tiredness as well as body aches.

The strengths of the jacuzzi

This 5-seater Jacuzzi is professionally crafted so that it can give its users complete relaxation. If you want to enjoy the baths and at the same time listen to your favorite station, know that the jacuzzi bathtub is equipped with a radio. In addition, the latter can be connected with a CD player which will be an opportunity to savor your favorite music during your relaxation sessions. To guarantee you optimal safety, the product is manufactured with a stainless steel frame that is perfectly resistant to destructive effects. The other satisfaction is also its finish which reflects a remarkable beauty. You will find the design of your choice and have the chance to raise the level of decor of your places.

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