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Warm-up exercises in the water

The warm-up should first be done out of the water and then in the water itself. This makes it easy to start swimming without the body feeling forced into the movements. So here's a complete guide to the perfect warm-up in the water.

Why warm up in water?

It is essential to do a warm-up in the water to optimize the one done out of the water. This way, you can start swimming slowly without forcing yourself too much to be able to increase your own pace as you go. Note that the heart rate must follow the rhythm of your swimming movements. Warming up in the water also allows you to find your feet in the pool and take long swims as well as stabilize breathing through the efforts made by the arms and legs. For a professional athlete, therefore, the warm-up in the water is the perfect time to try out and rehearse their favorite tricks before a competition.

How to warm up in water?

If you're planning a one-hour swim session, for example, consider training in the water for at least 15 minutes beforehand. Set aside fins and paddles first to prevent your muscles from heating up too quickly. You can start with a series of 200m crawls to find a good balance and then start the slides. After, opt for a series of 100m in educational and practice the crawl caught or the crawl close. Change swimming styles often and refuel your breathing. Finish your warm-up in style with a 2 x 50m crawl by using all your efforts at the end. For a complete workout, you can continue to practice at home in your swimming pool and then tone your muscles in a hot tub, especially in a 3-seater reclining jacuzzi bathtub that you can enjoy with your friends or relatives.

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